About the Junior Board

The Junior Board operates under the auspices of the Auxiliary of the Woman's Board of Rush University Medical Center and is committed to serving the hospital through fundraising and volunteer work. The board is made up of over 100 high school-aged girls who reside in New Trier Township.  Members of the Junior Board organize three annual fundraisers: a fall car wash, a holiday tea, and a spring fashion show.  All proceeds go to support programs at the hospital.  Additionally, Junior Board members volunteer at Rush and in the surrounding communities of Chicago's west-side as part of the Rush Community Services Initiatives Program (RCSIP).  


2020-2021 Rush Junior Board 

Grace Birck


Anna Mathy

VP/Hospital Chair

Kayla Chang


Colleen Charchut


Marissa Youderian


Sam Fellman

Emily Hoppenworth

Laura Miller

Car Wash Co-Chairs

Pavely Thomas

Laini Sharifi

Kate Savino

Ariana Kondos

Holiday Tea Co-Chairs

Tessa Minturn

Delia Ziomek

Kerry McNeely

Fashion Show Co-Chairs

Madeline Alshouse

Caroline Bachman

Kate Baur

Ali Beanblossom

Lia Bennett

Penrose Bigelow

Grace Birck

Margie Blair

Catherine Boyle

Cece Burns

Kayla Chang

Colleen Charchut

Gracyn Chessen

Emmy Christopher

Jenna Coe

Emily Collins

Sydney Durdov

Phoebe Dwyer

Avery Erwin

Katie Farrell

Samantha Fellman

Maxine Finks

Gillian Fitzgerald

Bella Flemma

Olivia Fletcher

Vivian Fletcher

Mariel Flickenger

Abbie Forman

Kate Frohling

Sophie Gifford

Lily Gifford

Sally Glynn

Kate Graham

Alayna Greenspahn

Kate Henry

Elle Higgins

Kendall Hong

Emily Hoppenworth

Lucy Kelly

Caroline Kinsella

Ariana Kondos

Christina Kondos

Lindsey Koutouzis

Zoe Kozina

Molly Kunkle

Annie Lake

Katherine Magner

Libby Maier

Avery Martin

Campbell Marton

Anna Mathy

Grace Mawicke

Fiona McCaffery

Caroline McClain

Grace McCormick

Lizzie McCoy

Eliza Mclemore

Kerry McNeely

Bella Merlo

Thea Michael

Anna Miller

Laura Miller

Mackenzie Miller

Tessa Minturn

Emma Mooney

Izzy Morgan

Claire Nahrwold

Lulu Neslund

Emma Neumann

Anna O'Donnell

Maddie O'Keef

Anna Paracchini

Katherine Peterson

Sydney Pigot

Amanda Polacheck

Anna Rice

Pascale Ricketts

Piper Ritchie

Victoria Romic

Brooke Ross

Lucy Rush

Zoe Sanderson

Dylan Sargent

Kate Savino

Courtney Schumacher

Maddie Sell

Laini Sharifi

Kendall Sierens

Lauren Smith

Ellie Stevenson

Mary Storino

Ava Summers

Pavely Thomas

Annabel Tritsis

Kiley Urban

Abby Waechtler

Fiona Walker

Lily Wanzenberg

Morgan Weisenberger

Peyton Welch

Jane Welch

Grace Westol

Sigrid Wilson

Ellie Witzel

Marissa Youderian

Ashley Zabel

Delia Ziomek